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A UNIQUE CONCEPT Advertise your training programme and course offers easily on the Job Watch network.
Our network has tens of thousands of potential students interested in YOUR fields.

You'll gain access to more than 47'000 employees and job-seekers in the fields of watchmaking and microtechnology.

All online! You'll reach training managers from over 490 partner companies.

As part of your subscription you'll get unlimited publishing to make the most of each key period.

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You send us your offer, and we'll publish it on our site and email it to our candidates and partners. We'll also post it on the social networks LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook.

Users can search and view all your training course offers on Job Watch website or mobile app. If interested, they'll be redirected to your pages with just one click.

During important periods for registration, we allow you to boost your training course ad offer several times across our various channels. This is immediate and at no additional cost

They entrust their training to us

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  • 5 5 job offers
  • 10 10 job offers
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  • 5 5 job offers
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For more than 14 years, we've been the leading recruitment site in the world of watchmaking, jewellery and microtechnology. More than 490 companies rely on us to find their future talent.

Each candidate who wishes to register on our site is carefully verified by our experts in order to guarantee the quality of our network. Currently, over 47,000 complete and detailed profiles are available on

The majority of these professionals continue to train throughout their careers. That's why Job Watch now offers you the chance to publish your training programmes and courses.

Thanks to our global publication channels, our platform gives greater visibility to your training courses for , candidates, human resource managers and company directors.

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